Veho Launches Crowdsourced Final Mile Delivery in Colorado

by Fred Cook | Oct 1, 2018 | Announcements

Veho - the Amazon-Flex-like crowdsourced delivery service for e-commerce retailers – is launching in Colorado. Beginning today, October 1st, 2018, Veho will offer same-day and next-day delivery services at highly competitive rates for retailers who ship into, and within the Greater Denver Area. Early clients include several e-commerce firms, as well as other local retailers.

Veho intends to use the Colorado market to continue improving its crowdsourced operation and further develop its technology, which makes it possible to harness “anyone in their own car” for dense final mile distribution routes. “We see great potential in making Colorado the logistics-innovation hub of the future, and excited about the opportunity to create new jobs in the area”, said Tom Schmitt – a key investor in Veho and the CEO of the publicly-traded Forward Air Corporation (NASDAQ: FWRD).

Earlier this year, the company concluded a successful pilot in Boston in which its crowdsourced drivers delivered 10,000 packages to consumer homes. The pilot proved both the cost-effectiveness of the crowdsourced model – reducing final mile delivery costs by up to 35%, and the value of providing complete visibility to the end-customer, resulting in increased customer retention for the brands shipping with Veho.

Veho’s announcement comes only a few weeks after Amazon had reported placing an order for 20,000 delivery vans from Mercedes-Benz to further build its vertically-integrated delivery network. With Amazon gaining dominance in the final mile through a combination of professional and crowdsourced (‘Flex’) delivery drivers, Veho aims to level the playing field for any retailer who wishes to enjoy the same benefits of a high-tech delivery network.

About Veho

Founded in Boston in 2016 by Itamar Zur – then a Harvard Business School student, and Fred Cook, Veho is a next-generation delivery service for customer-centric brands. By utilizing crowdsourced drivers for high volume, final mile distribution, Veho enables brands and retailers to save substantially in the final mile while providing complete visibility to their end-customers. Veho is the winner of the Harvard Business School New Venture Competition 2017 and is backed by senior logistics experts such as John Brown – a former UPS executive, and Rick Jones – CEO of Van Pool Transportation and the former CEO of LSO.

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