We're on a mission to reinvent the delivery and returns experience.

Built for the age of e-commerce. Powered by the latest technology.

Veho is the first platform designed for the modern economy that enables ecommerce brands to transform broken and old-school logistics for delivery and returns into a competitive edge by providing next-generation shipping designed around a phenomenal customer experience: proprietary technology platform, a marketplace of crowdsourced drivers, and a logistics powerhouse with true physical and data-driven network effects.

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Repeat-order rate increase for users of Veho doorstep returns

Our Origin

Itamar Zur: Co-Founder and CEO

Fred Cook: Co-Founder and CTO

As a busy student at Harvard Business School, co-founder Itamar Zur relied on e-commerce every single day: clothing, notebooks, meal kits, and more. Yet the convenience and quality promised by retailers was often foiled when it came to delivery: Misdelivered packages. The dreaded “We Missed You!” sticky note. Boxes stolen as he studied in his room. Ita soon realized that the biggest opportunity in e-commerce lay in the period that was least in retailers’ control: the journey from warehouse to doorstep. Veho was created to challenge the received wisdom of the entire logistics industry—to promise that delivery and returns can be a critical, and, most importantly, enjoyable part of the e-commerce experience.

Reinventing Package Delivery And Returns

The parcel delivery industry has not seen major innovations in more than 30 years. Most logistics companies use outdated technology and fleet models leading to high costs, higher exception rates, and customer disappointments. Meanwhile, as large delivery trucks idle in our streets, customers have very little visibility or control over their deliveries. As the demand for e-commerce continues to accelerate, retailers need a new logistics partner that can provide real-world flexibility and a total rethink of the customer experience.